Or: Why does one of my main characters have a prominent facial scar? A rough white scar ran diagonally across his right cheek, from under the outside corner of his eye, down to the corner of his lips before it curved down his chin to his jawline. His upper lip pulled at the scar, and …

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Coincidence? Providence? AKA: My testimony

Today I'm going to do something a bit different. This post might not be for everyone, and it's on the longer side. Because today, I'm sharing what in Christian circles is referred to as a testimony. Basically, the story of my walk with Christ. Things are going to get...vulnerable. Now, typically, this blog is for …

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Writing and Life Update

Check out my new Facebook page for updates, book geekiness, and excerpts! Hey, all! It's been a minute. Clearly, I am doing exceedingly well at my resolution to blog once a week. Sigh. Oh well. Life trudges on. Life Update I am working suuuuuuper part-time from home doing social media/advertising stuff for a small Colorado-based …

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