Trouble – A Dresden Jakobs short story

“I was only following my lady’s orders.” Dresden lifted his chin and glared at Hendrick. Morning sunlight shone through the branches of one of the many trees in the walled-in garden next to Lord Kimberly’s castle, making him squint. Not really the unintimidated look he had aimed for.


Mid-Year Update

It's been a minute, friends. Sorry! But hey, if you're curious to know what I'm up to in a more regular way...Instagram is where to find me. I can hardly believe it's already July? And the 4th is over?? How? Impossible. Writing Update! Writing is...I don't even know right now, haha. Let's see...last update, I …

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Character Interview with Alex (and a surprise guest)

Time to meet Alexander, the love interest in A Thieving Curse. And, apparently, someone else who tagged along. For reference, Alexander has two black horns, massive black wings, a scaly red and black dragon tail, red-black claws, fangs, ruby red irises, and some small patches of little red-black scales along the edges of his face. …

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Character Interview with Princess Raelyn

Switching gears, because I've been working on heavy rewrites and edits for my other work-in-progress, A Thieving Curse. If you missed me talking about A Thieving Curse previously: In this beauty and the beast retelling, a princess en route to marry a crown prince is captured by a dragon-man who claims to be the rightful …

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Group character Interview with Regulus’ Knights

Dresden was not pleased when he found out I was only interviewing Regulus and Adelaide. He argued me into agreeing to interview him--he's very persistent. But then the rest of Regulus’ knights felt slighted, so I said, fine, group interview it is. It was chaos. I don’t know how Regulus manages them all. Welcome, all. …

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Character Interview with Adelaide

Time for a character interview with the other main character from Prince of Shadow and Ash! I think she was relieved to be able to talk freely. Welcome, Adelaide. Are you ready for this? Not sure what to expect, but I suppose. To begin, what is your full name and its origins, if you know? …

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Character Interview with Regulus

Character Interview with Regulus from my WIP romance fantasy duology Prince of Shadow and Ash. I’ve sat Regulus down to ask him some personal questions so you all can get to know him better. He’s not thrilled, so be nice. Regulus’ responses are in bold. Welcome, Regulus. Are you ready to get started? Not really, …

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